Working with Valtus Views

Descriptions of the available layers

Defining the difference between the various layers that customers access/view within their Views service Subscription

  • VIEWS_CA - This layer specifically includes all of Canada
  • VIEWS_MDA - This layer includes only rough 15m-resolution imagery
  • VIEWS_US - This layer specifically includes all of the USA
  • VIEWS_2 - This is an optimized cached layer created to enhance performance. It is optimized with the best imagery available and users cannot adjust the content
  • VIEWS - This is a grouping of the layers users are subscribed to. It can be altered based on the priority setting of Vintage, Resolution or Band using the Account Administration Tools
  • The LiDAR bare earth (VIEWS_BARE_EARTH) and full earth (VIEWS_FULL_EARTH) are the hillshade raster layers of our entire LiDAR library. The LiDAR_Preview layer will allow you to determine if there is LiDAR data available for your current extents.

Also, one of the new features with Valtus 3 is that you will always get imagery returned. If you are viewing a location that is outside of your license area you will see the MDA (15m) or NASA (1km) data. You will only see the high resolution data within the areas that you are subscribed to.

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