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APSG Fall Meeting - HxIP Sponsoring

November 18,  Houston, TX

Web GIS and the Geodesy Behind It

With the advancement of new GIS technology, geo-information data and maps can be now be accessed on multiple platforms including: desktop applications, web browsers, smartphones and tablets. More and more companies are turning to Web GIS as a means to disseminate "trusted" geo-information content via web services and web maps. Access to this information at one’s fingertips through the comfort of an internet browser or mobile device allows end users to make “key” business decisions with minimal GIS expertise.

However, as more and more companies publish geo-information data and maps to a Web GIS, do we fully understand the geodesy behind it? As we have seen in the past, a failure to understand the underlying geodetic parameters can result in the mislocation of spatial data leading to ill-informed decisions with potentially disastrous consequences.

Therefore, I would like to invite those who are experts in these topics to share your knowledge and expertise with our members and guests.

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